Tuesday, January 24, 2012


 Assalamualaikum w.b.t dan salam sejahtera.....

" weh Paan balik cuti download movie banyak-banyak!! "
"weh Paan nak muveeee!!!"
"weh Paan nak download movie camane haa???"
" weh Paan nak bg laju download movie camane haa??"

Seriously soalan2 camni membuatkan aku tersentuh!! tersentuh pemende??? tersentuh nak kongsi dengan korang la cara nak download movie......cara aku ni taklah ADVANCE mana...tapi ini lah cara yang aku slalu guna dan alhamdulillah, beribu-ribu movie dah ada dalam simpanan aku...:) 


* ada antara web sites kat atas yang boleh download tv series, anime, anime movie, korean drama, japanese drama......

melajukan apa-apa benda yang korang nak download

langkah-langkah menggunakan flashget
1) download >>> install
2) Buka Firefox 
3) Download apa-apa yg korang nak ( direct download link je ) >>> akan keluar firefox pop out window ( Ctrl+j )
4) Klik kanan pada file yg korang tengah download pada firefox pop out window
5) klik copy download link
6) Cancel download 
7) Buka Flashget
8) Tekan butang ( + new ) >>>
9) Paste download link tadi / kekadang auto paste>>>>tekan download..
10 ) VOILA!!! tunggu siap....:)

* file-file yg korang akan muat turun selalunya banyak part...don't freak out!! muat turun je semua part...


Rata-rata movie, tv series dan sebagainya memerlukan korang mencantumkan file-file yang perlu dimuat turun secara berasingan.Pemuat turun file selalunya akan seperate file supaya senang nak upload dan untuk korang download....berikut teknik-teknik nak gabung file mengikut jenis-jenis file ....

a)   " _a " dengan FSJ
b)  " .rar " dengan 7 zip @ Winrar
c)  " .001 " dengan HJSplit
d) " . a00 " dengan Alzip


1 ) Sentiasa download file yang guna MEDIAFIRE sebagai tempat simpanan file bahan-bahan yang nak dimuat turun tu. MEDIAFIRE  ni cepat , resumable, tak ada limit dan yang paling penting FREE..:)
2) tak semua file boleh download dengan flashget...ada yang tak boleh...ALTERNATIF?? ntah...pandai2 la cari...:)
3) Internet kena laju...streamyx, wimax, unifi calon yang sesuai...selain daripada ni ..selamat tinggal jumpa lagi je lah.....:)

* cara ni  lah cara tradisi sejak turun temurun yang aku guna....di luar sana banyak lagi cara lain ..apa-apa cara pon tak kisah janji boleh download......harap membantu :)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Facebook should be let exist or seized?

                Assalammualaikum w.b.t and salam sejahtera. This is my second entry here and I want to share with you about my personal thought which is should facebook let exist or seize it? My answer it that Facebook should be let exist.  For starter, facebook is a social networking service launched in February 2004, operated and privately owned by Facebook, inc.  The users of this social network keeps growing year by year and reached about more than 800 million active users in 2012. I bet, before you guys signed up the facebook account, you were whether Myspace or Friendster active user.

There are many advantages and disadvantages of facebook or any other social networking sites. One of the major disadvantages of facebook is addiction. This addiction is known as Facebook Addiction Disorder ( FAD ). Symptoms include, changing new status updates like, 5-6 times a day and probably write random nonsense that nobody cares about, body in class or work but head left at home inside facebook, insomnia which is you can’t even sleep because your head keep thingking about what your friends are doing in facebook and lastly, you forgot the smell of the air outside your house because you spend most your time in house with facebook. Well, if you found that you are FAD with any of these symptoms , don’t feel lonely because we are all Facebook Addicts too :).

With facebook, people tends to gossipping, exposed to the cyber attack, sexual harassment and identity stolen. These are the reasons why people keep debating that facebook should be ban or seize. But for me, we can’t just eliminate something entirely from this universe because of its bad effects. Well, I agree if the world want to ban pornography, cigarettes or any other major bad influence in this world but for facebook, we should see it with another perspectives. There’s always good and bad effects of everything. With facebook, it connects you with your friends, family, classmates, teachers, lecturers or any people that you care the most. You can discuss work, assignments from far with facebook. Moreover, you can chat interactively with your family from far away with facebook. You can also share your cool and beautiful pictures or video with friends in facebook. With facebook, you can update yourself with new tasks, assignments or any important news like what I did with my classmates. See, aren’t these are nice? Add only people you know, manage your time properly, and avoid yourself from suffering the deadly FAD symptoms :) . The bad and good effects of facebook depends on ourselves. How well we utilize it determine whether it is bad or good. 


Asalamualaikum and salam sejahtera. This is my first entry here and I am very delighted to share with you my thoughts and experiences.  I start to write my journal early this Chinese New Year Holiday since I got a lot of free time at home.  In this first entry, I will share my experience using a commuter which most of you have gone trough the same situation I did. For starter, I am a frequent commuter user. I went back to my hometown weekly by taking this commuter. Well, I am very grateful that my hometown, Tanjung Malim was selected as one of the commuter stop stations , hence received the commuter service. I took the shuttle across the two towns frequently from Kuala Lumpur to Tanjung Malim.

            Frankly,  the experience of using this commuter is not so beautiful at all. As most of  you had already know, the commuter service is very bad and unsatisfying. The commuter service provider, Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad ( KTMB) does not provide a satisfying and comfortable service to the customers. The train was deficient, always late than its suspected to arrive and the condition of the train is really uncomfortable. Because of the less train provided, a lot of passengers taking the same train hence, causing the train in super crowded inside. Just imagine in this packed like sardine situation, people keep cork in on and on again in every stations . When I am inside the train, I am grateful that I am born to be tall, hence at least I can breath above the passengers head in this crowded situation. There was a few time that I had to stand in the train from Kuala Lumpur to Tanjung Malim across 14 stations.

             The body odour and the packed like sardine situation is not so pleasure at all. Sometimes I feel like I am gonna die in the crowded. One other thing that I do not understand in this situation is that what in the world the girls were doing in the crowded?. There is a special coach provided for women to avoid themselves from any sexual harassment. But still, they chose to be in the other coach and squeeze themselves with men. I saw with my own eyes, they were squeeze and some of them had a sexual harass by men. And this is the time they act like they do not like it even though they know they had a choice to be in crowded of women. Therefore, girls, i hope that you know who you are  and know your place!!  which is the woman’s coach. There is no need to consumed our space / guy space in the coach which is already crowded. There are many alternatives to keep yourselves safe and to protect your dignity as a woman. 

            Other than that, other situation that I see in commuter is that the commuter is a place where you can meet a sea of foreigners. Most of them are building and factory workers. Sometimes I felt like I am no longer in Malaysia whenever I am in the commuter. Most of these foreigners are not very educated. Therefore, they smell bad, they wear unconventionally, and there are some cases that local girl has been sexuall harassed by the foreigners. I can say about 60 percent of the commuter passengers are foreigners. 

            Other minor things that you can find in the commuter is the people whose answer their phone calls like their phones are 100 metres away from their mouth, and the people who set their phone ringtones to the highest tone their phones can reach. Journey from Kuala Lumpur to Tanjung Malim takes about two hours and I am indeed fell asleep in the commuter. I startled way many times with the loud ringtones and lt was really getting on my nerve. Well I think other passengers felt the same thing too since in whole coach, the passengers can hear the ringtones and what they say on the phones. 

            These events are always  happening and will be happening everytime I took the commuter. Regarding these many times, why did I still using the commuter? Well, for some reasons, I do not have the guts to take the express bus since a lot of bus accident occurred last year. Personally, for me, railway transportation is more safer than any other transportations. Other than that, the commuter ticket price is quite cheaper though. These are the reasons why I keep using the commuter regarding of the casualties I had face. But I think, it is time for a change. Bad service form the KTMB towards the service of the commuter is way too long and there is no systematic measures taken by them. I keep wasting my money on unsatisfying service. I am very grateful that there is new train connected to my hometown which is the ETS ( Electric Train Service ) which is more cool, comfort and faster. Even though the ticket price is twice as the commuter’s, it gives me more satisfying pleasure. Therefore, instead of commuter, there are many other alternatives that u can use. Don’t waste your money on something that unsatisfy for what you paid for.

adios amigos commuter.........