Sunday, January 22, 2012

Facebook should be let exist or seized?

                Assalammualaikum w.b.t and salam sejahtera. This is my second entry here and I want to share with you about my personal thought which is should facebook let exist or seize it? My answer it that Facebook should be let exist.  For starter, facebook is a social networking service launched in February 2004, operated and privately owned by Facebook, inc.  The users of this social network keeps growing year by year and reached about more than 800 million active users in 2012. I bet, before you guys signed up the facebook account, you were whether Myspace or Friendster active user.

There are many advantages and disadvantages of facebook or any other social networking sites. One of the major disadvantages of facebook is addiction. This addiction is known as Facebook Addiction Disorder ( FAD ). Symptoms include, changing new status updates like, 5-6 times a day and probably write random nonsense that nobody cares about, body in class or work but head left at home inside facebook, insomnia which is you can’t even sleep because your head keep thingking about what your friends are doing in facebook and lastly, you forgot the smell of the air outside your house because you spend most your time in house with facebook. Well, if you found that you are FAD with any of these symptoms , don’t feel lonely because we are all Facebook Addicts too :).

With facebook, people tends to gossipping, exposed to the cyber attack, sexual harassment and identity stolen. These are the reasons why people keep debating that facebook should be ban or seize. But for me, we can’t just eliminate something entirely from this universe because of its bad effects. Well, I agree if the world want to ban pornography, cigarettes or any other major bad influence in this world but for facebook, we should see it with another perspectives. There’s always good and bad effects of everything. With facebook, it connects you with your friends, family, classmates, teachers, lecturers or any people that you care the most. You can discuss work, assignments from far with facebook. Moreover, you can chat interactively with your family from far away with facebook. You can also share your cool and beautiful pictures or video with friends in facebook. With facebook, you can update yourself with new tasks, assignments or any important news like what I did with my classmates. See, aren’t these are nice? Add only people you know, manage your time properly, and avoid yourself from suffering the deadly FAD symptoms :) . The bad and good effects of facebook depends on ourselves. How well we utilize it determine whether it is bad or good. 

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